Classic Bike Quote Assumptions

The following information has been assumed in order to provide you with an online quote. If any of the below statements are not true, then please call us on 0121 506 6000 and we will quote you over the phone.

  • The motorcycle(s) are owned and registered to the Policyholder (Main rider)
  • All riders must hold a Full UK (or equivalent) motorcycle licence for at least 12 months nor have been banned from driving during the past three years.
  • No one rider has more than 2 fixed penalty driving convictions
  • No one rider has had more than one minor accident in the past three years (minor being where total costs did not exceed £5,000)
  • The motorcycle(s) are aged 20 years or older
  • Social domestic and pleasure use including commuting to one permanent place of work for the policyholder only
  • The maximum value of any one motorcycle should not exceed £15,000
  • The maximum value of all the motorcycles in total should not exceed £30,000
  • The motorcycle(s) are registered and garaged in Great Britain
  • You must not be a resident of Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man or the Channel Islands
  • Q plate vehicles are not acceptable
  • Riders are aged between 25 and 75

None of the riders are engaged in the following occupations:-

  • Ambassadors, Consular and Diplomatic Staff
  • Motorcycle Couriers
  • Fast Food Delivery Services
  • Sports persons
  • Any occupation involving the entertainment profession (Theatre, Film, Radio or TV)
  • Owners or Employees of Nightclubs, amusement arcades, fairgrounds and/or gambling clubs
  • General Dealers
  • Street or Market traders
  • Scrap Dealers

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