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Quick Quote Assumptions

The following information has been assumed in order to provide you with both QUICK QUOTE or FULL QUOTE options. If any of the below statements are NOT TRUE click here:

  • The vehicle(s) are standard and has no performance modifications
  • All drivers have held a Full UK driving licence for 2 or more years
  • No one driver has more than 2 fixed penalty driving convictions
  • No one driver has had more than one minor accident in the past three years (minor being where total costs did not exceed £5,000)
  • All drivers are between the ages of 30 and 74
  • The vehicle(s) are aged 30 years or older
  • The vehicle(s) are used for social domestic and pleasure only with occasional commuting
  • The minimum value of a vehicle can not be less than £1,000
  • The maximum value of all vehicles should not exceed £30,000 (ensuring that Garaging conditions are met)
  • The vehicle(s) are registered and garaged in Great Britain

None of the drivers are engaged in the following occupations:-

  • The entertainment profession
  • TV or Radio presenters
  • Professional sports persons
  • Celebrities
  • Professional Gamblers
  • General Dealers
  • Offshore Workers
  • Airside Workers
  • Courier or Delivery Drivers
  • Foreign Armed Forces
  • Debt Collectors
  • Money Lenders
  • Unemployed

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